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For deep aeration and removal of compactions up to 30 cm depth.

The Greens TERRA SPIKE is predominantly used on golf greens and other fine lawns. It produces work of the highest quality and is exceptionally easy to use. With a handsome working depth of up to 30 cm it is both effective and thorough. Available in two widths.

Product Details:

• 2.4 km/h working speed for 130 mm square hole spacing
• Up to 30 cm work depth
• Working width 1.35 m(G6/135) and 1.6 m (G6/160)
• Area coverage per hour for 130 mm square hole spacing 3,700 m²/h (G6/ 135) and 5,000 m²/h (G6/160)
• With VibraStop, PowerPack, QuickSet, QuickFit
• 3-gear transmission

Optional Equipment: Full tines, hollow tines, turf retainers, core swath board, hydraulic rotary brush, ballast weight, soil probe cpl.

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