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Loosening, slitting or aeration.

Effectively eliminates soil compaction up to 20 cm depth. Can be equipped with slitting knives or heave knives as well as coring tines. A wide range of options allows user to select best set up to suit every situation. For example on golf greens fine knives will allow a working depth of 15 mm. Or equipped with hollow tines (2.5 cm diameter) it can make 80 holes per m² in one run with 15 cm spacing. Ideal for cutting out thatch and for aeration of the upper soil layer to a depth of 8 cm. For heavily compacted soil the standard supplied ballast frame may be weighed down with additional weights. On request, a hydraulic weight transfer system (suitable for 3-point cat.I) is available.

Product Details:

• Up to 20 cm work depth
• Working width about 160 cm
• Flexible use with heave knives, fine slitting knives, or coring tines

Tools: Low heave knives, high heave knives, fine slitting knives, set of disks for mounting coring/slitting knives, set of coring tines, set of slitting knives, set of triangular fine slitting knives

Options: Bogey wheels, set of ballast weights, rear roller, drop type overseeder, spring tines for overseeder, mounting parts for overseeder, hydraulic weight transfer system, trailing brush and roller set

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