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For fast deep aeration and removal of compactions up to 22 cm depth.

The TERRA SPIKE XF series are the speed kings of the deep aerator world, loosening and aerating turf at a working speed of up to 6 km / hr. In either of its working widths XF6 (1.6 m) and XF8 (2.1m), this is a machine frequently favoured by professional clubs or organisations where time is of the essence.

Product Details:

• Up to 6 km/h working speed
• Up to 22 cm work depth
• Working width about 1.6 m (XF6) and 2.1 m (XF8)
• Area coverage m²/h per hour with 130 mm square hole spacing 6,000 m²/h (XF6) and 7,900 m²/h (XF8)
• Allows large area coverage with uniform quality and efficiency
• Vibra Stop & PowerPack features prevent jolting and vibration
• QuickSet enables tool free adjustment of both tine depth and heave with settings visible on a large scale
• QuickFit integrated tine attachment and extraction system
• TwinDrive allows the crankshaft to be powered from two symmetrical sides and impact is absorbed by the special v-ribbed belt on either side
• For tractors from 32 HP (XF6) and 42 HP (XF8)

Optional equipment: Full tines, hollow tines, multi-tine holders, turf retainers, swath board, hydraulic rotary brush, hydraulic depth adjustment, lower link CAT I & II, soil probe cpl.

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