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For deep aeration and compaction up to 40 cm depth.

The TERRA SPIKE XP is an exceptionally deep aerator which comes in two working widths; the XP6 (1.6 m) and the XP8 (2.1 m). Even with their reach, they still produce excellent neat and tidy work, and are easy to operate and adjust.

Product Details:

• 1.5 km/h working speed for 130 mm square hole spacing
• Up to 40 cm work depth
• Working width 1.6 m (XP6) and 2.1 m (XP8)
• Area coverage per m²/h for 130 mm square hole spacing 2,400 m²/h (XP6) and 3,150 m²/h (XP8)
• VibraStop, PowerPack, QuickSet, QuickFit
• 3-gear transmisson

Optional equipment: Full tines, hollow tines, multi-tine holder, hydraulic rotary brush, swath board, carriage, hydraulic roller brush, hydraulic depth adjustment, ballast weights, lower link extension CAT l & ll, soil probe cpl.

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