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SUPER 1300

Turf sweeper for efficient collection of mowed material, leaves and other debris on sports turf, estates and decorative turf.

The SUPER 1300 S is a mini powerhouse of a sweeper with a gutsy tank that gets its work done quickly and efficiently. Because it is semi-trailed it can be towed in among trees and obstacles, so literally straight to the areas where it can be most effective. It comes with a high dump feature as standard so can dump into trailers and bins up to 1.7 m. At just 1.3 m wide, it is sufficiently narrow to fit through gates and entrance ways and importantly its tank holds 1600 litres of leaves and debris.

Product Details:

• Working width about 1.3 m
• Holding capacity 1.6 m
• Overhead high dump height up to 1.7 m
• Optional equipment: rear collision guard with integrated lighting kit, fill indicator

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