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Three-in-one pneumatic seeder for golf greens, tees and sports fields.

The distinctive-looking Terra Float Air pneumatic surface conditioner and overseeder offers maximum accuracy at quantities as little as 1 g / m². Its base unit aerates or loosens soil to 30 mm using a rotary spiker fitted with either 5 mm or 8 mm diameter spikes or stars. Next the top-mounted pneumatic air seeder assures a receptive seed bed either pre or post top dressing. Finally, a brush and roller combination incorporates top dressing materials to the ground before smoothing the surface.

Very fine seed rollers mean exact calibration is achievable. Distribution of the seed is absolutely uniform via the air flow and deflector system. Seed is blown to the surface via 8 tubes and a distribution chute.

Product Details:

• Modular three-in-one machine
• Perfect for loosening surfaces, spreading top dressing material and applying seed
• Pneumatic air flow ensures absolute uniformity
• Memory function control pad stores input and calibration data for next use
• Three part perforated rollers maximise soil /seed contact
• Good forward speed
• Excellent flexibility and control from inside cab
• Meters seed accurately into holes at low rates
• Three part perforated rollers makes following undulations keeps a constant working depth
• Offers great cultural action
• Good forward speed
• Choose perforation tools at 5 mm or 8 mm

Optional equipment: Sets of white or yellow brushes, brush load relieving kit, bogey wheels, seed box cover, additional dosing rollers.

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