Wiedenmann UK’s H&S installation handover hard to beat

Every buyer of a Wiedenmann Terra Spike receives bespoke instruction about how best to set it safely and optimally for local conditions. Almost always the installation training is given by one of the Wiedenmann team themselves, supported by a dealer representative.

This commitment to customer service began nearly 30 years ago, when Wiedenmann UK started trading, and it is still an integral part of the company’s sales package.

Not unsurprisingly, the installation session emphasises all Health & Safety considerations that need to be respected; everything from making the working vicinity safe to learning the right way to couple and uncouple the Terra Spike.

The Wiedenmann team member cuts the PTO shaft to suit the tractor/ machine combination, ensuring it doesn’t split on the longest point or bottom out at the shortest point, and, if required, they set the clutch on the PTO shaft.

Next, comes a comprehensive run through of the correct procedures: the dos and don’ts associated with starting, stopping, appropriate revs, depth and heave settings and, of course, the required maintenance.

Course Manager, Tim Johnson, at Worsley GC, a parkland course just west of Manchester, took delivery of his GXi8 HD in October.  He said: “This kind of H&S training session is hugely appreciated. Everyone is instantly knowledgeable, aware and confident.  The machine can go into service from day one with everyone using it properly, and I know we as a team, are doing our bit to maximise the lifespan and longevity.”