Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXI8 HD retains top seller spot for 2017

Wiedenmann UK’s Terra Spike GXi8 HD has topped the company’s sales charts again in 2017, consistent for the third year running as best-selling aerator from a fleet of 11.

“When an aerator can work across a whole a range of situations without skipping a beat then it truly earns its number 1 status,” said a Wiedenmann UK insider.   “The GXi8 HD goes flat out on the flat and super smoothly on extreme undulations. It does a full pitch in about 3 hours, is great on greens and is a master of the fairways, so what’s not to like?”

Boasting many of the technologies synonymous with a Terra Spike – tool free adjustments, quick tine exchange and an efficient damping system to protect from jolting and vibration, the GXi8 has an additional secret weapon. Its patented Advanced Tine Control system gives ultimate precision to the tines’ incision into the ground. Their very clean entry and uniform hole-spacing combine to leave a near-perfect surface finish on top. Even working at high speed or on a slope the operator can always be confident tine entry into the ground is clean and absolutely constant. Underneath, hidden from view, root development of the grass plant is strengthened and water, nutrients and air are more able to permeate. 

Attaching to tractors from 40 HP it comes with a working width of 1.8 m and reaching to depths of 250 mm. In an hour the GXi8 HD can cover approximately 5,600 m² with 110 mm square hole spacing.