Training day for Worsley GC as GXi8 HD arrives

The team at Worsley GC, a parkland course just west of Manchester, took delivery of a new Terra Spike GXi8 HD in October.

Course Manager, Tim Johnson, was grateful to Wiedenmann UK’s Andy Kerr for providing a thorough induction and handover. 

He said: “This kind of H&S training session is hugely appreciated. Everyone is instantly knowledgeable, aware and confident.  The machine went into service from day one with everyone using it properly, and I know we as a team, are doing our bit to maximise the lifespan and longevity.”

“We’ve had our machine nearly six months and its totally smooth, clean and fast.

“The other day we got three greens done in 40 minutes.  As a course manager, it makes life so much easier, planning and delegating tasks because you can deploy the machine for just a short time, but still achieve a lot.  We’ve had our fair share of wet weather so when the conditions are right, we’ve revisited areas of the course that need a little more TLC, and already you can see we’ve got a lot less lying water as we’ve removed some of the compaction.” Kevin Pickering at dealers, Turner Groundscare, supplied the team with their machine and Wiedenmann UK’s, Andy Kerr led the safety briefing.