GXi8 HD aerator makes it a Wiedenmann double at Whitecraigs GC

Whitecraigs Golf Club, East Renfrewshire, has doubled its Wiedenmann Terra Spike fleet, from one to two. Proud owners of a 15-year-old XD6, the club has added a GXi8 HD to help the aeration needs of both their 18-hole and 9-hole courses.

Course Manager, Peter Hall, said: “Some fairways are built on rocky terrain so a robust aerator, like the XD, brought peace of mind. We’ve had it since 2008 and it still does a great job on the fairways but it’s not the quickest or lightest on our prepared areas.

“The new GXi8 is for our greens, tees, and aprons. We do aeration monthly on greens from September until March with 12 mm tines to varying depths; then maybe twice through the summer with 8 mm tines.

“We had it out as soon as ground conditions allowed. Previously, to do all greens on our big course, one of the team would start them at 5.30 am to allow us to finish for 4.30 pm, so 11 hours.

“With the new machine, we started at 08.00 am and finished at 3.30 pm, albeit on winter greens. They were back in play again immediately; the following morning we gave them all a roll, and no issues or disruption to golf. 

“We’ll be permanently leaving the 20 mm tines on the XD until the summer. They weren’t hard to switch but it’s all time we can get back to use elsewhere on the courses.”

Peter, who will celebrate 30 years at the parkland courses next year, is supported by his deputy, Andy Wilson, and four other qualified greenkeepers and two apprentices.

The honours of being first out on the new Terra Spike fell to Andy.

“I was in the cab the whole time for that first run it was entirely smooth. No vibration, just quick and efficient,” he confirmed.

Peter and Whitecraigs GC have been long standing customers of dealer Fairways GM at Inchinnan, who are Wiedenmann UK’s Scottish representatives. Working with Area Sales Manager, Stuart Cameron, the East Renfrewshire club has a full-maintenance contract with Fairways GM.